The Consumerist reader poll “Worst Company In America” has awarded the not-so-coveted Golden Poo award once again to EA, making it the first company to receive it twice. Read the excerpt below;

Following last year’s surprise Worst Company In America victory by Electronic Arts, there was hope that the video game giant would get the message: Stop treating your customers like human piggy banks, and don’t put out so many incomplete and/or broken games with the intent of getting your customers to pay extra for what they should have received in the first place. And yet, here we are again, with EA becoming the first company to ever win a second Golden Poo from Consumerist readers.

After an astounding number of votes, Consumerist readers once again chose EA over Bank of America, with the video game company taking nearly 78% of the vote.

The Consumerist

Among the reasons for the award, they site Providing a Product People Want and Like, Selling Your Product at a Reasonable Price, and Supporting the Products You Sell. You can see how the rankings played out below. Given the pre-awarded statement that Electronic Arts Chief Operating Officer Peter Moore posted a little while ago, were we surpised this would happen? What do you think this spells for the gaming giant?