Hi all. I have invited Bryce back to the website to help keep a constant flow of news at BeyondSims. Be sure to give him a warm (re)welcome to the site.

Yes, I have returned as a writer. Well, in a way I have returned, but at the same time I’m new. Ya know? Anyways, Dan (Spon1Player) has invited me to help with the site. For those who remember, I’m fast like lightning (when I’m not snoozing) when it comes to posting news and etc. This time I’m a little more mellow than I was back in the SP days of this site. What does this mean? Well, being nice to other Mayors/Simmers and sites. Avoiding negativity and such. Yes… Another anyways, I’m here to help and that’s what’s what. What? lol Let’s all get along. Yes? πŸ™‚

Oh one more thing… w00t!