A YouTube user has re-assembled Build 1 & Buy 1 from the original The Sims game, and it sounds fantastic. I thought id share it here for you all to listen to.

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Dan is the owner of BeyondSims.com and has been simming since the early 2000s! He originally joined this website in Early 2011 when it was called SimPrograms, before assuming ownership and rebranding it as BeyondSims in Late 2012. Since then, the site has shared breaking news, been invited to EA events, shared plenty of reviews and much more! Today, Dan continues to share his passion for the franchise on this website!If he had to pick, his favourite Sims game would probably be The Sims 2 Open for Business!


  1. This would fit perfectly with our idea of having The Sims 4 being a reboot. Having the original buy and build mode tunes with a new modern twist would be brilliant!! Maxis, take note!

  2. Yeah seriously, this would be a great take for The Sims 4. Remixes of all the best music from the games. A new but also nostalgic feel to the game!

  3. The term is “re-arranged”.

    Regarding the tracks, Build 1 would be better without the primary melody being a different instrument than piano.

    Buy 1 sounds just right.

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