How I Mayor: Stadium Success in SimCity

Hello, Mayors! Guillaume Pierre here, also known as MaxisGuillaume on the forums, the Lead Gameplay Scripter here on SimCity. Today I’m going to talk about how I built a stadium in my sleepy little town of GuiVille, how I tried to to get as many tourists in it as possible, and what I learned in the process.

Here’s my little town of GuiVille, right as the sun rises over the hills. It’s a nice place to live, but my Sims barely have anything to do with their free time. I just unlocked the Department of Tourism and the Department of Transportation at my City Hall. With the former, I’m now able to build a stadium, while with the latter I can finally build a regional transportation system.

In the foreground, you can see a fully upgraded bus terminal, with all the bus garage modules built. In the background, there’s my stadium, a large sporting complex with soccer fields and basketball courts, and you can also see a little bit of my convention center. These buildings sure were expensive to build, but I think they’ll be worth it after a few successful events.

So at this point it looks like tourists are able to come to the stadium by bus just fine, but I’m wondering if my neighbor’s Sims would also like to go to the game… I’m not going to worry about it and hope for the best, but it might be a good idea to message her and ask her to build some bus stops.

Just as I had predicted, the flood of Sims from my neighbour is clogging up the main avenue leading to the stadium. At least the tourists are able to take a different route to the bus terminal and aren’t affected as much.

The event was a success! I turned a small profit and learned a lot about how to improve my city in the process. Next time, I’ll make sure that my friend in the neighbor’s city has enough public transit options so her Sims can come into my city more easily, and I think I’ll build a dock on the river so that cruise ships can bring in wealthy tourists as well.




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