Official MTS 2013 Calendar Contest!
Do you have high hopes to be featured in a publication but missed your opportunity to secure a spot in the 2012 calendar? Do you often catch your sims doing strange and amusing things? Maybe you have your own blooper reel of all the oopsies that your play sessions have produced. In the spirit of all things lol, we present the LOLSims Calendar Contest. Come join us for a chance to be featured in the Official 2013 Calendar!


    • lolsims – any funny pictures that focus around Teen – Elder sims.
    • lolkids – any funny pictures that focus around Infant – Teen sims.
    • lolpets –any funny pictures that focus around animals of any kind. Supernaturals do not count as pets.
    • lolwhut – any funny in-game pictures that don’t fall into the categories above. This can include: Creator fails, pics without sims or pets, etc.

As always, the blue ribbons for each month’s winner.
Each month in 2013, the corresponding winning image will be posted in site news.
A calendar will be made for download with each winning month.
The light bulb trophy showcased in the news post.
Additionally, winners will receive a purple winner’s achievement sticker for their profile. And all entrants will receive a red participation sticker as well.

Make Sure You Read the Rules Before Entering!

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