There’s a small chance that we could get a Sims game on the Wii U… Ah forget that. You know you want one and so do I! GameStop is having an awesome giveaway of 5 Wii U consoles! OMG SO EXCITED!

Those of you that would like a Wii U before the console’s official launch on November 18th can do so by entering a competition courtesy of GameStop. To be eligible all you need to do is snap a photo showing them why you want a Wii U by using your arms, body, or friends, to create a U shape. You could be one of five lucky winners to get a Wii U party before launch day and a Wii U prize pack consisting of a Wii U, eight Wii U video games, four Wii Remote controllers, two Nunchuk controllers, a Wii U Pro Controller and an HD TV. You can enter the competition here.

Source: My Nintendo News