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So the Serenity Retreat Venue will FINALLY be available by itself and not part of the Gold Edition of Sunlit Tides. This means you can have both Premium Content items (Massage Table & Sauna) and the mini PC item (outdoor shower).

Store Preview and New SimPoint Bundle Extras

Look at this! Two blog posts in two weeks. I’m on a roll.

I wanted to give you all a heads up on a few things coming out on the Store tomorrow (October 18th). I know a few people were asking questions on the Forums about this.
The Store will be releasing Serenity Retreat as an individual venue purchase. Serenity Retreat was previously only attainable if you purchased the Gold version of Sunlit Tides.
Additionally — and a few of you were catching on — we’re releasing a limited-time Simpoint bundle in celebration of Halloween. I won’t give specifics…but it’s CAS related. It’ll be available for purchase sometime tomorrow, October 18th.
That’s all for now about Halloween :).