The very cool Alexis of SimsVIP shared a pic last night on FB. It was a female Sim looking at a blue plumbob shared gem in CAS. I obviously LIKED the pic and then commented. Here’s both her pic and my comment. Enjoy!

Before Christopher Columbus discovered that Earth is round, this was the closest thing. Thought up by the great Admiral Landgraab’s Grandfather after wondering though Les Champ Sims on a stomach full of Juice. It was in a dream where the Earth first appeared in the shape of this beautiful Plumbob. The story goes that his dream involved several cute and adorable pink Freezer Bunnies dancing around this mysterious object. Their cuteness was infatuating… That is, until Lenny appeared! As the Gigantic pink beast began to swallow the Admiral, Freezer Bunnies and mystical plumbob in a violent vortex, the Admiral awoke back at camp, wondering if it was all a dream. As he began to get up, he realized that something was in his pocket. He reached in and pulled out the mystical blue plumbob. BY THE WATCHER, he proclaimed. This be Sim Earth! Or so the story goes.