Sims Network has a new article all about Seasons! This is from their visit to Gamescom and the closed-doors demo of Seasons. Let’s check it out and find out all of the awesome that is Seasons together! πŸ˜€

People have been asking if there will also be seasons in The Sims 3 World Adventures (in France, Egypt and China). The answer is no. It doesn’t make sense to have a snowy winter for example at these destinations. Other than that, every world has seasons and weather. After the demo I also asked how fan made worlds will be affected. Will they also have snow on objects and roofs and such? The answer is yes. As long as the custom, fan made worlds use official items only, there shouldn’t be an issue.

Sims can get struck by lightning. I don’t know if this possibly is a new way to die for Sims? I also don’t know what triggers this to happen. Maybe it is like a rare thing to happen. I guess we’ll find out about that later!

One of the cool new objects from The Sims 3 Seasons is the new tanning booth. That’s right. Your Sims can get an actual tan by using this new object. It can succeed, but it can also fail miserably, and leave your Sims with just half a tan, literally. As was told during the demo, the technology of the tanning booth is not refined, so you might on occasion experience certain failures, causing the tanning booth to spray yellow, orange or even green. If I understood it right that is. If the tanning goes well, your Sim will come out of the tanning booth with a nice glow. Talking about tanning… and sun bathing… Sims can get a sun burn if they aren’t careful enough. I wonder if Sims can woohoo in the tanning booth.

Ohhh how I love this. The Sims Studio brought back the skating rinks. They come in two sizes. The small one can hold up to 12 Sims and the big one can even have 16 Sims on them! For the winter time, there are special ice skating rinks. We were shown a cute video about supernaturals having fun in one of the skating rinks. It’s funny. Fairies sort of float around in the skating rink rather than skating like normal Sims.