Society has always pondered tough, philosophical questions: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Do dinosaurs really exist? If a tree falls in the forest, would anyone hear it (and moreover, would anyone care to pick it up?)? We here at Maxis, however, only care about one particularly chin-rubbing query: Can a city really be built on rock ‘n’ roll?

Well, thanks to Associate Designer Chris Schmidt, it sounds like the answer to that question is an ear-splitting, “Yes!” Chris recently took his creativity to 11 when he built this guitar-shaped city (and accompanying amp) using SimCity’s new curvy road tool. Like we showcased with our past Cool Looking City, part of the fun of playing the new SimCity is not only building (or destroying) the city of your dreams, but also using the in-game tools to create fully functional metropolitan works of art.

Of course, while this design may look rad, it certainly ain’t practical – since Chris built all of his commercial zoning up the “fret board” of the city, he ended up creating a massive traffic jam for all his Sims trying to visit stores and restaurants. But if you think about, traffic and rock ‘n’ roll concerts go bumper-to-bumper, so it almost makes sense. Almost. Do admire the creative touches, though, like the six water towers signifying each tuner. Pretty cool, eh?

Because we think his city rocks, we spoke with Chris to find out more about it.

Community Manager Michael Donahoe: What was the inspiration for building this city?

Associate Designer Chris Schmidt: Well, our Producer Tyler Thompson told me I should try making some different city layouts, because classically with SimCity, I make a grid-based city since it is the most efficient. So I was thinking about weird ways to build a city and the Internet radio station I was listening to just so happened to put on Starship’s “We Built This City.” Next thing I knew, I was making a guitar-shaped city. [laughs]

MD: Theoretically, what are the chances of us seeing a rock ‘n’ roll-themed restaurant and/or hotel appear in your city?

CS: Actually, my city is more industrial, because I’m focusing more on mining and metals.

MD: What kind of music do you think fits this city?

CS: Since I was trying to design my city like a classic Fender Stratocaster, I’d say a little classic rock. Maybe a little bit of metal.

MD: What’s next? A Drum City? Trombone City? Bagpipe City?

CS: Really, I just focus on crazy designs. I did a zen city, which is a yin yang. I made a city out of the phrase “Curvy Roads,” just to see if I could make it work. I don’t know what’s next. Whatever inspires me.

MD: Do tell us: Is this city really built on rock-n-roll?

CS: Well, I do spend most of my time listening to classic rock while I’m playing, so perhaps it is!

Source: SimCity Blog