Sometimes I really don’t like going into the EA premade worlds with all of the libraries and things premade, but at the same time, I’ve never really had a world to go into. Now, a creator timecatcher has made the perfect world for doing this.

Serenity Hills Island has a bit of everything – it’s completely empty, but it has the space for everything that you will need. You can easily place down lots wherever you want, so it’s a good place to conglomerate your creations if you are a creator. It requires only WA.

Serenity Hills Island! The hustle and bustle of Bridgeport too much for you? Twinbrook just a little too old? Sunset Valley a little too small? Move into this perfect neighbourhood landscape just waiting for YOU to come and make your mark. Found you’ve run out of room for all the great expansion packs being released? No problem! Serenity Hills provides a landscape filled with room for commercial lots, residential paradises, and large lots big enough to support all of the newest additions and those of future expansion packs!