Last week, the official SimCity Twitter account put forth this tweet:

We’re focusing on The PC release of Sim City to make sure we bring you an awesome game. We have nothing to announce on the MAC front.

This pretty much put everyone into a panic from the various sites/message boards I came across.  While sure, the above tweet does not sound good if you happen to own a Mac, please by all means take a moment to think about things as there are a ton of factors taking place on why you should not be worried just yet:

  1. SimCity releases in 2013 – perhaps even late 2013, so there is a good year and a half left to work on it.
  2. It’s being programmed using PC’s, thus, PC is the primary focus at this point.  They have to get it to work on PC first before they port it to Mac.
  3. At this time, we know it is about 30% done.  Maxis has a lot more work ahead of them.
  4. The Mac market is huge, and EA knows this.  More than likely once the game is in alpha or beta, Maxis will start looking into getting it operating onto Mac or contracting it out to another company.
  5. If all else fails, there is BootCamp (but I doubt you’ll have to resort to that).

Thanks to Sunset Valley Times for the word.