Awesome Simmer JacqPinks recently interviewed the Sims Team via Skype about Showtime. Check out her Q’s and their A’s below!

Tickled Pink Sims - Showtime InterviewHow long have you been working on showtime? About a year since Feb 2011

How many people does it take to create an ep? Roughly maybe in the ball park of 60 (guess)

Did you met Katy Perry and if so, what is she like in RL? No he hasn’t had the pleasure yet but apparently SimGuruBritt will play the Sims with Katy

Some articles have said there will be a Katy Perry Sim in game and some said there won’t be will there or won’t there be a Katy Perry Sim in game? yes, we will have a Katy Perry Sim available on the Exchange. Players must have the Collectors Edition to get Katy’s special outfits and accessories