Every new piece of Sims content broadens the options for living out a fantasy life, and the upcoming Showtime expansion is no different. Along with all the career options from the previous Sims 3 content, players can now be a professional singer, acrobat and magician. Additionally, those who don’t want to give up their day jobs can now “moonlight” as a DJ, buying their sim a turntable so they can eventually learn to rock parties and dance floors.
Your sims can live out their fantasies in their current towns, where new venues will be added for performing, or you can jump into an all new area called Starlight Shores. Starlight Shores still allows your sims to have typical jobs like fireman and office worker, but is full of venues to cater to your performer’s needs.. Newly created sims will also have more options to tailor their personality and desires to that of a performer. For instance a goal might pop up to make a certain amount of cash doing street performances, or to impress a certain sim with their skills.


Source: Sims Nieuws