For all who do not know, the UK weekly game sales charts come from UKIE(Games and interactive entertainment trade body). At the preset time, all of the charts are for sales of Boxed/Physical versions of a game. Starting next month, they will begin publishing a beta version of the Digital PC Charts. This is awesome because it’ll allow a good comparison between store and online sales.

The project has been running as a closed Beta for a number of months as a result of invaluable contributions from many of the leading players in digital distribution including Disney Interactive Studios, Focus Multimedia, Get Games, Green Man Gaming, Mastertronic, NCsoft, Sega, Square-Enix, Ubisoft, Warner Bros and other top PC game publishers and digital distributors.

The launch of the UKIE PC Download Chart is the first ever measure of actual digital sales of video games. UKIE will be improving the UKIE PC Download Chart over the coming months and will be working next on producing charts for Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network.

Whilst the basic chart will be made public, any company who contributes their data to the chart will also be able to view more detailed figures for the PC download market.