Capsule Gamer reviews The Sims 3 Strategy Guide Box Set


So The Sims 3 Strategy Guide Box Set has been available for a couple of weeks, and Capsule Gamer was nice enough to review it for the folks that may be picking it up in the near future.  I, myself, hope to order it this Friday for my collection.  They had a lot to say in their review in which you can check out here:
The guides on a whole are filled with lots of information, however much of it is basic facts that is introduced in the games themselves. However the summaries are handy to have around, so you can plan your Sims lives well in advance and there is many helpful hints that can help you succeed. The guides themselves were different than what I expected; you see many that are glossy and the size of a magazine. These guides look like a paperback novel, in fact they blend in quite well on my bookshelf. The text, although full of helpful information is far too small, and it caused a lot of eye straining to read.

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  1. I received my copy in the mail a couple of weeks ago. Having read the reviews over at amazon I knew what to expect. The writing is VERY small, but I guess the saying “you get what you pay for” all the prima guides for the price of 1 (I paid $18 over at amazon) would be true in this case. I expected that they would have to save money somewhere if they are selling them for that amount. The cost cutting shows up in the printing. Some of the text was so light it was almost impossible to read. I’m not sure if I’m disappointed enough to return them though 🙂 – I mean, I was able to read them, with a lot of light and some reading glasses 🙂 LOL

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