Amazon, GameStop and Hidden Springs!


FINALLY!!! The US Amazon site has finally listed Hidden Springs code-in-a-box! Not only that, we also finally have the English Box Art as well. A w00t! for all who’s excited and a WTF? for those that are the farthest thing from it. Update: GameStop has also listed this as well. Super w00t!

Amazon, GameStop and Hidden Springs!Amazon, GameStop and Hidden Springs!
Amazon, GameStop and Hidden Springs!GameStop info = SimsVIP


  1. I still don’t understand the purpose of these. If it were a disc version, then it would make sense because it would be for those who don’t have an internet connection. But for this, you’d still need internet to redeem the code and download, so why add a middle man (the store selling the code in a box) in the first place?

  2. I agree with ShortyBoo. The box is redundant. Why not just offering it as a standard digital download?
    At least the price has been reduced to that of a stuff pack. Now, I can actually consider purchasing it, since I find this world to be much more attractive than Barnacle Bay. I hope it will be available for preorder through Origin, since I usually receive coupons whenever I have customer service resolve an issue for me, just for being a loyal customer and purchaser of all Sims games. The discounts truly help, especially when they are a decent percentage off.
    I do wonder if this version will come with extra stuff like BB did when it was released as a code-in-a-box.

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