Looks like iSims obtained a few pieces of artwork (as well as two screenshots) of The Sims 3 Late Night 2 Showtime from EA Germany’s Origin Store.  They’re a bit on the small side, but we’ll see high quality images when EA gets ready to announce the expansion – which should be very soon – perhaps even this week, maybe.





Thanks to Jovan Jović for the tip.


  1. The pics look great as usual, but I still need to know more, duh! The “magician”/stage magic thing is from TS Makin’ Magic, not Superstar as some were claiming, it feels like nothing is from that EP, unless we get recording booths, catwalks or spa items…

  2. Otherwise known as Late Night v1.1

    Considering how the developers were cagey when asked why those Late Night bands had no singers/microphones and why we were getting nightclubs without DJs, the intent from the EA beancounters in Accounts was clear from the start.

    What’s next I wonder? Pets 1.1 – now with ponies!

  3. No thank you.I hate the idea that you guys will be able to come into my game.(No offense but I don’t want any of you in my game.This is my game .And I don’t want you guys poking around my house, causing my game lag with bad custom content and getting my sims married to sims I don’t want.I like playing offline.)

  4. In addition, it looks like a mix of Superstar and Makin Magic, and maybe some of others from Sims 2. This is obviously a new concept of the expansion, so Season is probably comes out after this one if you know what I mean.

  5. New clothes/hair and features look gd. Hopefully it looks like proper magic is in the game – a gr8 blend of ep’s. Maybe they hav put magic in as xtra WOOHOOO!!!! Hopefully we can disable the social features, although a tour would be really gd

  6. I like the singing lady’s hair (from what I can see of it). And by the looks of it, escapism is in there too. I cannot tell from this distance.

    The jury is out, but it looks promising to say the least. I’m just wondering about audiences though.

  7. Judhudson,

    I’m still not one hundred percent sure this thing is real. Showtime could still be fake, until someone from EA officially announces it.

  8. So this is LN 2.0, then? I’ll end up getting it simply because I can’t stand having an incomplete collection, but since I have no interest in any of the social crap, it will probably only feel like half of an EP in the end. I really hope the next EP after this will finally have weather. We should have gotten weather a long time ago, so I’m getting impatient.

  9. simsdude1991:

    thay should have had that stuff in late night!


    Well, if Showtime is real, than you may get much more, than what you would have gotten had they decided to include some of it in Late Night.

  10. Damienf519:

    I’m still not one hundred percent sure this thing is real. Showtime could still be fake, until someone from EA officially announces it.

    I’m sorry but are you for real? There is no question about it, Showtime is real whether people like it or not.

  11. I don’t know why everyone is hating so much. I think it looks like fun. I find this really irritating after all of the “WHY IS THE MOVIE/ROCK STAR CAREER SO DUMB” and “DJ BOOTHS PLZ!11!!1!”. Everyone gets what they want and yet no one is happy?

  12. Alex:


    I’m still not one hundred percent sure this thing is real. Showtime could still be fake, until someone from EA officially announces it.

    I’m sorry but are you for real? There is no question about it, Showtime is real whether people like it or not.


    I am for real, and I have a feeling I’ll like showtime, assuming it is for real as well.

  13. Does anybody notice that the female DJ in the banner is wearing a shirt from Late Night? XD

    Just jumping on the Late Night ~ Showtime connection bandwagon. ^^

  14. Yeah, it’ll be like all the others… Sounds great, looks great…Like a movie where the preview shows all the best highlights, so you go see it & it sucks badly. Odds are good it’ll be buggy & feel incomplete since they’re releasing it so soon after pets and pets had a huge lag after Gen…

  15. ugh:

    This Still Looks And Sounds Like Garbage And When It Comes Out, It Will Probably Smell Like It Too

    Hence, I coined the acronym SHT at MTS, and now we are all calling it that, instead of simply ST. SHT is much more fitting, if you get what it sounds like. 😉

  16. I’m getting disappointed real quick with EA/The Sims.

    They are skimping so much on the expansions these days in favor the of store, and now they are basically splitting expansions in half.

    We all know this should have been part of The Sims 3 Late Night. Two games about celebrities is ridiculous. Why would anyone buy Late Night now when they can still be celebrities in Showtime yet have a million more aspects to it? It’s poor marketing and just pisses me off.

    Same goes with World Adventures. Good pack…yet it should have included hotels so people could actually go on vacation and experience that side of the new towns as well…not just adventures.

    Generations should have included weather. Then it would have felt like a more complete expansion.

    Ambitions was good but should have included the business aspects of Open for Business.

    I mean really, converting things from The Sims 2 to The Sims 3 can’t be all that difficult. They are just leaving these expansions half done and full of bugs and including more stuff in the store that should be in the game already.

    My faith is low in The Sims future right now….

  17. People are entitled to express their opinions good or bad. The people irritated with EA dissecting TS3 for money & not wanting social bs in their games have just the same rights as people going goofy over a microphone & dj booth, willing to spend 40-50$ for the highlight of the game, overlooking bugs and missing concepts and lacking gameplay just for the singing alone. Nobody is haters, just hardworking people tired of feeling like they’re being used and abused by a heartless corperation that doesn’t care about its fans & consumers anymore…I for one am tired of feeling like I’m getting screwed over every 4-6 mos for a series I really love that isn’t living up to its predecessors in terms of quality & quantity and I’m not alone in feeling that way.

  18. Its Basically Official, I Was Just on Amazon And I Looked Up The Sims 3 And There It Was, But When I Clicked On It, It Said ” The item you are searching for could not be found”

  19. 1. The Sims 3: Showtime – Limited Edition (Windows Vista) $39.99 Pre-Order. Available March 6, 2012 Eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping

  20. @ Melanie: . . .I know, right? Then they released the missing content as November store items…Insult to injury…and charge 25$ for the whole thing on top of it all. It is almost funny in a sick fashion.

  21. lolifofo:

    Haters…SHUT UP!
    Jeez just stop whining and enjoy the screenshots. The game obviously looks AMAZING

    Seriously – Grow up. Everyone here has a right to be cynical about this EP.


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