Everyone’s favorite Dutch sims fansite, Sims Nieuws put up their reviews on the PC as well as Xbox 360 versions of The Sims 3 Pets!  Heads up – it’s translated via Google, so expect certain portions not to make any sense.

My household was done, after much fiddling and eventually took Frummel one hour to get everything exactly like I wanted it. After half loading screen, the map of “Super Maple Coast back in the picture. I still find this card very cute drawn, but what I thought was a shame that only two houses were available, in order to live. Normally on the PC because you’re used to from a dozen or twenty houses to choose whether to build one yourself. After I had watched the two houses, two houses are also decorated the same, I bought one of the two and so did my family a house.

All menus and options were getting used to, and are still following my animals and my sim, sometimes very difficult. There are to my mind too much stuff on your screen, making it up on a monitor, as I have, a little too crowded. With many windows I mean the basic needs, tijdspoeler, pause, up, or low walls and any tips in the upper left corner. Everything is clear again with a tutorial on the life of your Sim, and from there you’re ready to go and whatever you want. And literally do what you want, because you’re down to nothing.

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What is a world with only horses, cats and dogs? Just nothing, and therefore there are also wild and stray animals to be found! As deer and raccoons can hobble along but if you search you will also rodents, birds, reptiles, snakes and turtles. The small wild animals can catch and stop in a box so you can keep them as small pets. The disadvantage is that it is very hard to find! But there is another solution, if your cat is good at hunting can for you to find the little critters.

There are also stray animals, these are dogs, cats and horses with no names and whereabouts. If you are friends with them you can adopt them and give them a warm house.

Thanks so nice of course that the city really comes alive in this way. The bad thing is that wild animals are not really wild, such as deer can appear in public lots or just walking horses along the road and in your backyard. The animals are too tame and too much actually appear. I’m looking at if not of three wild horses standing in my backyard.

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