More Classics Store Sets Planned?


Well The Store Team has added a newSims Classics category when viewing sets. Killer Classics looks to be the first or possibly many sets in this category. Check it out below. Sets > Classics > Sims Classics > Killer Classics

Thanks to GlossyGem for the tip!


  1. Im happy about this. Just like I missed Sims 1 stuff on Sims 2, Im missing Sims 2 stuff on Sims 3.
    I so want the poker table back, I used to have my sims play all day and I would love watching them. And more magic stuff.

    I do like the store, or more what is it for but they really need to make it cheaper. I would buy more stuff in it if it wasnt so expensive. But I like that we get things without having to wait for a EP or SP.

  2. If they brought back some of the best objects from The Sims 1, I’m sure they could make some good money….that is if they price it reasonably. But that would be really fun!

  3. I have a feeling that the VooDoo Doll, Rock Climbing Wall will be in other classics sets. Maybe the voodoo will be a classic magic or island magic/tiki set and the rock wall will be something like extreme/the sims classics. At least one new classics set a month. who knows.

  4. On theblackscorpion’s point, they said that the Voodoo doll was coming on the 19th… I’m pretty certain that that’ll be with another set. I’m pretty sure the rock climbing wall will be in another one!


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