Oh how I dunno whether to loathe Social Games or not… they’re just so BAM! addicting. Yeah right!

How will this experience differ from alternate reality games (ARGs) that we’ve seen in the past, which blur the real world with augmented reality and other interactivity?

Even ARGs are basically these fictitious tournaments that you go on, although you do them out in the world and they’re often GPS located or whatever. But behind those games there’s a story that you’re role playing out. That’s certainly at an intersection of what I’m talking about. But the core of what I’m talking about is more focused on your actual life. How do we gamify that?

Do you envision HiveMind to be both mobile and console-based?

I’m actually thinking about this as a hybrid. Part of that would be mobile, but I think there are still a lot of opportunities on the gaming side. As we’re trying to triangulate somebody in their space and build this high dimensional map on the more session-based activities at home, whether that is Facebook or a browser or whatever; I look at this as a multiplatform ambition discipline.