EA Adds SimCity 4 Patches to EA.com


At first it was thought that EA made a Facebook page in response to Herman Cain ripping off his plan from SimCity 4. But now there might be new evidence that this isn’t the real reason. Whist the SimCity 4 links on different EA and Sims sites redirect to the new Facebook Page, EA has recently uploaded the patches for SimCity 4 and SC4: Rush Hour and Deluxe to their site. They include patches for all regions. Could this be a coincidence or could it be a sign that EA has interest in the SimCity franchise again? Are we making too much out of this? Will we really see a Ghostbusters III and who really shot Mr Burns?

EA Adds SimCity 4 Patches to EA.com

Source: Rincón del Simmer


  1. I really hope they bring back Sim City! I mean, it was one of the best selling games of all time and with the huge popularity of Cityville, it would only make sense!


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