Playfish has admitted that they have NO fashion sense. Because of this, we get to help design a new shirt for The Sims Social.

Design A T-Shirt for The Sims Social!The Sims Social Team aren’t the most fashion savvy group of people in the world. If you ask us, they need a whole new makeover, but for now, we’ll work on their clothes.
The team love to wear EA/Playfish inspired t-shirts to work. It’s about time they got a The Sims Social t-shirt to add to their collection.
Whist brainstorming ideas, the team possibly had their best idea EVER (this was before the free SimCash)! Why not ask our fans to design what we should wear?
Please submit your designs in this thread by Monday 14th November. If The Sims Social Team see a design that takes their fancy, they’ll get them printed for the team to wear and share the pictures with the community.
Designs can say and show anything. Just remember, they should be FUN!
Please submit them in PDF, AI, PNG or AI file.
We can’t wait to see them!


Source: SimCookie