The reviews are finally coming in, more and more I say. Anyways, here’s a 3 page review of the 360 version of Pets by Team XBOX.

The core gameplay that made the series so popular is relatively simple in concept, and familiar to anyone who has ever played a Sims game: you take control of a Sim and live out their life. You’re given the option to create a Sim to your own liking, down to their outfits, their traits, their lifetime goals, their appearances, and even the pitch of their voice. Whether you control one of them or a household is up to you, but they all have the same basic goals once you create them: they want to live. They’ll need to eat, they’ll make a mess, they will strive for jobs, and sometimes they’ll even set stuff on fire. However, what makes the game so engaging is that you have ultimate control over their destinies.


Source: Sims Galore