Here’s another Pets Producer Q&A, this time by SimFans and SimGuruShannon. Also, at the bottom is a list of Sims games she has worked on. It’s so awesome that she worked on SimCity 3000! Click the link below to see all of the questions!

Andy U.: What animals will be included in the expansion pack? I’ve read that there will be horses, dogs, cats, snakes and rodents. Is there more?
Shannon: You’re horses, dogs and cats can control themselves. These are quasi the “main animals.” Your Sims can turtles, collecting lizards, snakes, birds and rodents and keep in cages.

Sandra T.: Is it possible to recreate my own (real) cat in the game? How can I specify in detail the appearance?
Shannon: You can be 100%! Create a range of animal really provides very powerful and comprehensive tools to define the appearance of an animal to the last detail. This does of course also enter your own cat. You can also create completely crazy animals. The only limit is your own creativity and imagination!

Julia S.: How accurate are the personality traits affect the lives of animals?
Shannon: It affects the way animals interact with Sims and other animals. Some special features allow interactions. Characteristics also determine the mood of the animals and more. Features go very deep and make the next appearance of the animals to determine the personality to the last detail.