If profit is the main thing on your mind, horses, dogs, and cats can all be bred and sold, giving you an amount of money relative to their training, skills, and known tricks. Of course, selling them means you can’t use their hunting or racing skills for your own profit anymore, so you have the choice in how exactly you want to approach pet ownership. This freedom is what makes The Sims such a fun franchise: there are a number of ways you can play with your pets or use them to get cash, and experimentation is the whole reason The Sims exists.


And speaking of experimentation, the absolute best feature of The Sims 3: Pets is the coat design options. While the game’s default breeds are all normal and realistic, you can create pretty much anything you can think of with the easy-to-use tools as long as you understand what the graphical concept of “layering” is. You can even save a custom coat, and later breed it with something else. Like with human Sims, DNA is at play, so your markings and colors may transfer over to the kittens and puppies.

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