Time for another console review. People sure like Kinect, too bad Sony Move never took off. Oh, here ya go.

For the human side of things, there aren’t a lot of new additions to talk about. You can tackle a number of career paths, including criminal, athlete, and so on. There are a number of new home furnishings to buy, new areas to explore, and you can also become a Mysteriologist. The Mysteriologist allows you to explore mysteries around Appaloosa Plains, which the game keeps a journal to help you track. Most mysteries will require certain skills to complete, which help drive the campaign forward with a little more focus than most Sims titles are known for. This was actually the addition to the series that I enjoyed the most, as it constantly gave me new goals to work towards instead of the seemingly random wishes that would pop up. Of course, you still have the lifetime wishes and goals to complete as well, and pretty much all the core content from Sims 3 is present here.


Source: Sims Nieuws