As I don’t check out the wonderful creations and ideas that pop up from the Sims community, I tend to miss a lot of things.  Luckily a few folks tend to email me and let me know what’s going on in the modding world and I usually end up checking them out.  Here’s a neat idea from Custom Sims 3 in which they are creating a sizable database of Sims available for populating empty custom towns within a fairly short time.  Basically a…Sims exchange 😛


Most of the beautiful custom worlds seem to be empty and trying to get them populated can be time consuming. Trying to get the right balance and prevent sims from looking alike is frustrating, plus waiting for story progression is slow and can cause lag at certain times. Now you can have a different option, The Population Project!

We are inviting players from all over the sims community to create sims of all types, including ethnic, alien, fantasy, period styled or even ugly, plain and weird. All sim types/looks are welcomed.

It is broken down into several categories for your convenience:

Average Sims: Any sim(s) that has normal skintones and regular style clothing. NO Custom Content
EA Makeover: Any EA created sim, (bin, neighborhood or CaS) that have been tweaked and given a fresh look. NO Custom Content
Fantasy Sims: Such as Elves, Hobbits, Fairies and other mythical beings
Alien Sims: Appear to be from another planet or universe
Lost In Time Sims: Medieval, Egyptian, Victorian, etc.
Self-Sims: These sims are sim versions of you, whether accurate or caricatures.
Pets*: Pets on their own or with Sims

As you see Average Sims and EA Makeover categories will be custom content free. The purpose of this is to have a place where players can go to get townies that are ready to go and to give options for the player that chooses to have a game that is cc-free.

The other categories are open to the use of free custom content, but cc-free is fine here too. If you choose to share a sim that requires free custom content, be sure you follow our site rules. One thing to keep in mind though if you are sharing a sims that requires free custom content: most players would appreciate knowing what it would look like cc-free. I would also like to encourage creators to keep custom content to a minimum. The only slider hacks allowed are Pointed ears as CAS sliders By: CmarNYC at MTS. No other slider hacks can be used due to issues players have with the snap-back that occurs when a player doesn’t have the same one as you or none at all.

So dig around in your files for sims that you would like to share, come over to Custom Sims 3

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Sookielee