So it’s been a few weeks, time to check in on the ol’ poll and see what the results are like, as well as bring forth a new one!

What do you think of the Create-A-Pet tool in terms of functionality. Did it do everything you wanted?

  • So many options, it’s great! (41%, 253 Votes)
  • I dunno, it doesn work / didn’t try it (29%, 177 Votes)
  • It is missing a few to create that perfect pet, but its okay (25%, 152 Votes)
  • Too many features I wanted are missing (5%, 30 Votes)

Total Voters: 612

For a poll that has been around for about 3 weeks, not too many people participated.  For the most part, the majority agree that the Create-A-Pet demo was pretty darn good in terms of customization.   Here’s hoping the next poll will be better, probably will, because the idea came from Black Scorpion!  With a week left until Pets is released, we want to know what is the first thing you will most likely do when you first play?