We shared with you Liz’s videos yesterday, now a review as well as a few images popped up over at the Alien Bommel forums on the iPhone version of The Sims Medieval!

Our Sims travel back to the Middle Ages. EA Mobile released The Sims. In Cas to mobile I create my own Sim and later got my kingdom a own name. Also on the mobile version, there are several things that are known from the PC game. Fullfill every sim’s needs. Social contacts are important for Sims. The more you talk, the more you learn from your kingdom


So you get quests from Sims, who need your helping hands. You get points every day, FP (focus points). These points are important because you need them for quests. If your Sim has properly solved quest, you can later participate on the epic quest storyline

review here (more screens and videos will be added!)