Wanna create your Pet before Pets is released? Good news, soon you’ll be able to! On September 22nd, EA will release a Demo of Create A Pet! Click the pic below to go the Create A Pet page on The Sims 3 site. This is for PC ONLY!

Free Create A Pet Demo

Please note that the page is NOT currently online.

– Enjoy a free demo that is robust, easy to play, and loads of fun.
– Create a wide variety of unique dogs, cats, andโ€”for the first time everโ€”horses!
– Customize your pets! From fur color to eye color, coat markings to body shape, fine-tune every detail of your petโ€™s appearance.
– Determine petsโ€™ personalities. Will your pets be adventurous, intelligent, skittish, brave, agile, or something else?
– Show off your pets online. Connect and share your creations with the world via The Sims 3 Exchange if you have registered any game from The Sims 3.

Source: Girl Gamers UK