Talk about a busy weekend in which I never expected it to be. I spent most of the time outdoors…I just love Fall weather, perfect time to get all of your outside projects done! But I’m done for the night, and it’s time to me to do a little work on this site.  🙂  So let’s get to the poll, shall we?  Have to say, this was one of the most answered polls we had ever had with 1,556 votes!

If you were a Sim and you had a choice, which town would you want to live in?

  • Bridgeport (23%, 357 Votes)
  • Hidden Springs (21%, 331 Votes)
  • Sunset Valley (17%, 267 Votes)
  • Appaloosa Plains (13%, 205 Votes)
  • Champ Les Sims (7%, 115 Votes)
  • Riverview (6%, 90 Votes)
  • Barnacle Bay (4%, 63 Votes)
  • Twinbrook (4%, 55 Votes)
  • Shang Simla (3%, 43 Votes)
  • Al Simhara (2%, 30 Votes)

Bridgeport wins the overall choice of preferred places to live, with Hidden Springs closely trailing it.  Glad to see Appaloosa Plains (my personal choice) and Riverview in the middle instead of at the end.  Glad to know I’m not the only one who wouldn’t mind living out in the country!

The new poll that has been added was an idea by TheBlackScorpion.  We all started somewhere when it came to the works of Maxis/EA/The Sims Team.  Which game started your love of the Simulation Games?  Vote now!