Play with Frenemies on The Sims Social on Facebook!

Last week, we introduced you to The Sims Social with our Producer Video which gave an overview of the features and innovations the team has been implementing in the game. Today, we take a closer look at one of the best ways to create mischief with your friends…or shall we say Frenemies? Make your friends laugh and cry with things like rearranging the keys on their keyboards, putting a fish in their bed or implying that their mom is a llama.

About The Sims Social

The Sims Social invites people to play with life in a whole new way with all of the uniquely playful and creative elements of The Sims and delivers an intuitive entertainment experience to the more than 700 million people on Facebook. Launching globally on Facebook this summer in five languages, The Sims Social allows players anytime, anywhere to create their Sim, build a bachelor pad or dream house, spark friendships and romances, and have exciting adventures – all with their Facebook friends. The Sims Social gives players the opportunity to engage with every aspect of their Sim’s social lives from the intense emotion of a first kiss to the flawless execution of a hilarious prank. Playing with the sweet side of life, The Sims Social will have players helping their neighbors, building friendships, falling in love, kissing or even making woohoo. Those who are more interested in stirring up trouble can pull pranks or sabotage friends, pee on a neighbor’s lawn, become a heartbreaker or even a womanizer. As players’ personalities come through, the Sims’ conduct is wildly diverse making The Sims Social alive like no other game.