We were the first to review it and now Sunset Valley Times has reviewed it. I like it. Tis a good review. Check it out below.

After moving in your new home, you are greeted by none other than Bella Goth, who welcomes you to the neighborhood (called Littlehaven). She’ll teach you the first things you’ll need to know of the game. Because even though it plays very similar to the Sims games on PC/Mac, there are some differences. For instance, there are two types of actions; ones that require energy and ones that don’t. Actions that don’t require energy usually are things like, eating, going to the toilet or taking a shower. Things that do need energy are for instance gardening, composing a song or be social with another Sim. And that’s where some of the trouble with this game comes in.

From time to time you get goals that you can achieve in order to get something special. But most of the time you’ll probably are busy keeping your Sim happy. One of the annoying things is, that you should (in theory) keep playing this game throughout the day, as your Sims’ needs also decrease when you are not playing or even are on Facebook. So be prepared to see all the needs of your Sim be red when you get back to your game after a few days.