I don’t get EA and their decisions, sometimes.  They say that they want to go all digital, and fade away the physical media of games, but the next day, they’re all like ‘physical media isn’t going anywhere’.  I for one prefer to keep hard copies of the games that I own.

In this recent article from Eurogamer, Jens Uwe, EA Europe’s boss, gave three reasons why physical media won’t be going anywhere:  the data size of the games are often increasing, many folks like owning physical copies, and the ability to gift games:

“The amount of data our developers put into a game grows so fast,” he told Eurogamer. “Software engineers, you give them storage space and they use it. As fast as the pipes grow, those guys are so creative.

“Secondly, there are people who just like to have a physical copy of a game. Thirdly, there is still this impulse purchasing and gift purchasing where people just like to give a physical present to somebody rather than a voucher or an attachment to an email.

“So I think there is still a lot of reasons why physical goods in bricks and mortar stores will have an interesting future.”

All good points.  Who wants to open a present come Christmas morning only to find out it is a sheet of paper that says ‘redeem your game here’?  I love physical copies of games, don’t you?! 😀

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