Here’s a new preview of the upcoming Expansion for Medieval, Pirates and Nobles.

At EA’s recent Summer Showcase, we got our first look at The Sims Medieval: Pirates and Nobles, the new adventure pack set to come out later this month. As an add-on to this year’s The Sims Medieval, the pack comes with 16 new quests added to the original storyline and gives you options to either band with the pirates of Aarbyville or ally yourself with the nobles of Tredony.

GameSpot Reviews Pirates and Nobles

But if you’re more of a loving, peace-keeping ruler, you may choose to not go with either and work out a peace treaty instead.

GameSpot Reviews Pirates and NoblesDepending on whom you align with, you can have a pet parrot or falcon on your arm to attack people. OK, these birds can do more than that, but it is fun to send your avian friend toward an unsuspecting noble to harass him or her–just a little bit. Falcons can also be directed to go off into the wild and hunt for you. In our case, it brought back a dead rat. We’re told that parrots can bring back other treasures and trinkets, and because it doesn’t cost you anything, you might as well put these birds to work.