Below are a bunch of tweets from the fine Sim fansites that were able to attend Gamescom 2011.  This post is for the console version of The Sims 3 Pets portion of the ‘closed door’ presentation.  Huge thanks to SimTimes, SimwayDE, SimsNieuws, SNW, SimFans and SVTimes for providing these!

  • You can play on 3DS without a SIM just with pets
  • You can change sims into pets and vice versa with karma powers
  • There is a mystery journal. Some mysteries need pets
  • Pets can trap ghosts and catch spirits
  • Even ghosts can play with pets
  • Now showing tricks such as play dead
  • If pets die there are pets ghosts, and you can take them back to life with karma powers
  • You can get dead pets back to life with the karma power Divine Intervention.
  • Pets function like normal sims. So they’re fully controllable