I think what I’m most excited about, the thing that makes all the difference for me, is the introduction of your pets as controllable sims. You can guide them to perform their necessary bodily functions (Yay?) and interact with other animals or people, they can even get jobs and make you some extra money. If you’re lonely you can take ’em out on the town, to a park or a bar, and have them “Fetch a Date”. I know actual people that do this. Is your sim president of the Lonely Hearts Club? Take Lassie to the bar and have her be cute as a button for every potential date in the place, ’til you casually stroll over and strike up a conversation. See, you can be that guy! Lifetime Achievements are exchanged for a mystery journal that offers rewards for completing specific tasks. Your pet is finally an active member of the household.

preview here (thanks InfiniteSims)