SimAnimals/Spore Hero composer ‘Winifred Phillips’ now on Facebook/Twitter


Award winning composer Winifred Phillips is now on Facebook as well as Twitter!  Perhaps you are not familiar with her name – that’s understandable…but if you play videogames, and enjoy the music, chances are high that you’ve heard of her work.

In the world of EA Games, she was the one responsible for bringing us both the SimAnimals and Spore Hero Original Soundtracks – but she has worked on many other games.  Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole, Speed Racer, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, God of War, The DiVinci Code, The Maw, Shrek the Third (gotta give my love for this game as I am a fan of the movies) and even Little Big Planet 2!  I’m sure everyone out there had to play at least one of those games. 🙂

Back to the original point of this post, like I mentioned above she can be found on both Twitter and Facebook.  She’s kind of new to social media, so if you have a minute, feel free to drop by either page and give her a warm welcome.  I’m sure she’d appreciate hearing from you!

Winifred Phillips on Facebook | Winifred Phillips on Twitter


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