Unlike in other Sims titles, where wishes or desires will simply come to your Sim over time via their own AI and personalities, here, you have to interact with other Sims to receive quests. You’ll need to talk to the Sims to discover their likes and dislikes and then use those to your advantage to gain more information. For instance, in our demo period with the iPhone version of the game, we were introduced to a military man who loved speaking of war. After learning this and continuing to amuse him in conversation, he became our acquaintance and gave us a task.

The Sims Medieval also introduces combat to the game, which gives the game a dangerous streak. Your Sims can and possibly will die if you don’t succeed in battles or in quests, or you mail fail quests outright if they have time limits and you don’t address them in time. There are also environmental hazards to be aware of, in the form of plagues, duels and other themed dangers that really would have been causes for concern in the real world time frame.

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