EA Russia and The Finished Pets Expansion Cover Art!


That’s right ladies and gentlemen, SimCookie has discovered the final version of the box art for the Pets expansion! It’s awesome! Expect EA to update the English and other versions soon.



  1. this was uploaded to the russian sims 3 facebook page. if you guys/gals find any other versions, please let us know. two facts about this. 1. first cover where the background of the renders on the cover is in color. 2. First time since The Sims 2 that the Grim Reaper has appeared on the cover/box art of a Sims base game or expansion.

  2. OOooh! Nice cover!

    Is it me though… or do the dogs in this expansion look really goofy? I guess they just don’t use a lot of coat marking layers on them compared to the cats.

  3. This cover if definitely the best of them all!! Love it EA! Hopefully they’ll stick with having the back ground be in color, makes it much more appealing to the eye!

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