I have now lost count of the number of Generations reviews on the web thus far. Sims Nieuws has found a new review or Generations by the Dutch gaming site 4Gamers.be, check it out below!

Just as we are, so it will continue. Good news for people who do not like change. The Sims 3 has been behind some extensions and enhancements as usual is that far from ending. With The Sims 3: Generations (‘Generations’), no added extras that make the game a different appearance, such as that with the expansion pack ‘Ambitions’ and ‘Late Night’ was the case. However life gives another dimension to the basic gameplay. The whole life and now reaches a new level of realism.

The Sims 3 games can be fun and stay for the fans, but even after a while it will always be the same. Grabs you right back to the same elements, partly due to the limited capabilities of your Sims life and partly by your own preferences. This is The Sims 3: Generations pass. At almost every aspect, new interesting features added. It is thus not limited to additional furniture or other attributes, but also the behavior of your Sims now includes several new features. This expansion gives the fans more to play, but offers no additional elements to the larger audience.