Cnet has published a two page review of Generations. Check out a sample and some pics below and then click page one and page two for the full article. Thanks SimsVIP!

The Sims games have traditionally received two types of add-ons: “stuff” packs that give fans new items like decor and apparel, and full expansions that add brand new gameplay elements. The Sims 3: Generations is an awkward middle child, granting you more than just hairstyles and new chairs but none of the inventiveness found in previous expansions like World Adventures and Ambitions. This addition is a pleasant extension of what The Sims 3 already does–not a game changer–and series addicts will undoubtedly enjoy how well Generations captures the essence of life’s individual milestones. Children get tree houses and playground equipment; teens learn to drive and go to prom; adults have midlife crises; and grumpy oldsters shoo away annoying kids with their canes. These enhancements are subtly integrated into the main game, but they don’t have the overall impact of previous expansions. And that’s this expansion’s real problem: lack of impact. It’s nice to have new playthings, but at almost the cost of a whole new game, even the most dedicated devotees can probably do without these toys.