Just received a press release that the 2012 Ford Focus is now available to download for The Sims 3.  Sadly, it did not have any links to download the said car – not quite sure if The Sims Team has enabled the page, but I’ll update this post when I find a working link. It’s available to download for PC as well as the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions of the game.

  • Sims 3 Store (PC):  link
  • Xbox 360:  link
  • Playstation 3:  No link available yet

Press Release:

New Ford Focus Now Available to Download for The Sims 3, the World’s Most Popular Life Simulation Video Game


  • New Ford Focus sedan available for download in eight colors as part of Focus Neon Nights package
  • This is the seventh Ford vehicle in The Sims series, as Ford was the first significant brand to be integrated into video game
  • Ford vehicles offered in The Sims games have been downloaded more than 8 million times already; in fact, an internal Electronic Arts study found 28 percent of players drive Ford vehicles in real life

DEARBORN, Mich., June 8, 2011 – The Ford Focus has moved from driveway to computer as part of The Sims 3, the world’s most popular life simulation video game.

Players of The Sims 3 are now able to download the all-new 2012 Focus sedan as part of the new Focus Neon Nights package.

It’s the second time Focus has been a part of The Sims line of games – the first was in The Sims 2. Electronic Arts is creator of The Sims, a title that has sold more than 145 million copies.

“Over the years, more than 8 million Ford models have been downloaded by players who have demonstrated in numbers and verbal feedback that they love and appreciate Ford vehicles,” said Steve Seabolt, vice president, Global Brand Partnerships at Electronic Arts. “Self-expression is a key personality trait of Sims players; a car like the new Focus that has a lot of personality is perfectly in sync with what resonates.”

The Sims 3 is a life simulation game that lets players create lifelike Sims characters with unique personalities, take them anywhere in the neighborhood, design and build their surroundings, give them goals and lifetime wishes, and ultimately determine whether to fulfill their destinies – giving them a lifetime of happiness and rewards, or not.

The new Focus sedan is available for free download in numerous colors.

Ford also provides players with items that go along with Focus as part of the Neon Nights package. The various virtual items players get for downloading the car are:

  • One male Ford T-shirt
  • One female Ford T-shirt
  • A high-end stereo
  • A set of neon lights that can be incorporated into the Sims virtual world

“Our involvement with The Sims 3 demonstrates how Ford is looking for alternate ways to talk to the consumer outside of print, television and radio,” said Brian McClary, Ford social and emerging media specialist. “Gaming is a key area we are focusing on and The Sims has proved it can be an effective channel.”

McClary said the marketing team decides what vehicles to include in games such as The Sims3 based on numerous factors. In the case of the new Focus, for example, the goal is to reach target consumers, build brand awareness and gauge what vehicles are most popular.

The Sims 3 is a good tool to do both because it is part of such a large market.

The video game market is expected to grow from $51.7 billion in 2010 to $81.1 billion in 2016, according to the recently released Strategy Analytics Global Video Game Market Forecast.

EA said the launch of The Sims 3 was its most successful ever with 1.4 million copies sold in the first week alone.

And an internal EA study found 28 percent of players drive Ford vehicles in real life.

The Ford Escape Hybrid, Fusion, Edge, Mustang GT and an earlier-model Focus were in The Sims 2 game.

Fiesta was made available for The Sims 3 PC/Mac version in late 2010. It is available in hatchback or sedan bodystyle as part of the Fiesta Urban Streetscape package that includes various items for players to use in their game such as signs that say things such as “Hot Stuff Crossing!” More details can be found at http://store.thesims3.com/fiesta.

Between The Sims 2 and The Sims 3, Ford vehicles have been downloaded by players more than 8 million times. The Fiesta has been downloaded more than 200,000 times. The Mustang GT from The Sims 2 has been the most downloaded Ford vehicle followed by the Escape Hybrid.


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Captain THPS4

Very strange. I’ve been trying to type all sorts of different URLs, I got nothing but the dishwasher baby.


TheSims3.com is down for maintenance from 9:00am PST for “a few hours” so they might be adding the links then and adding the pages. Just an idea. 😛

Claudia Bia

Download is only available for users that chooses English as language in the thesims3.com

Kisses from the rest of the world, EA!