All up, though Generations hook is slightly more tenuous than previous titles (Generations’ features read as more of a goody bag of fan-wants than a cohesive module), you can’t argue that all the new features make for a much more interesting game. Sure, there’s new life experiences, a new profession to try, a new creature, and even new houses and community lots to add to your existing neighbourhoods, but in many ways the integration of these new features feels more subtle than the “hey, look at me, I’m new!” feel of previous expansion packs. What it does bring instead, is a new refinement to the gameplay. It brings new humour, new methods of interaction, and a much more fleshed-out portrayal of personality for your Sims. In fact, it can be argued that this is the desert-island expansion pack; the pack you’d choose if you could only pick one. If you own the Sims 3 you need to buy Generations.

review here – 9.0, very nice – thanks Snooty!