GAME has just released their interview with EA producer Graham Nardone on The Sims 3 Generations. It’s basically the same stuff that has been discussed in his past interviews, so nothing really ‘new’…

Another thing we took a peek at was the Scrapbook and the ability to capture memories. How does that work, it looks like you can share your memories via Facebook?

We really overhauled the biography and the way the Sims remember their lives. It’s much more in depth now with our new memory system. We had this in previous Sims games, but what is so great about it now is players can now customise it the way they want to. Not only will the Sims kind of go through life, but they will have these great moments which they will remember. However, if you see your Sim doing something that’s really funny and you really enjoy it, then you can capture that moment as it is happening, give it a title and description and then share that with your friends and other people within the Sims community. You can either upload to the or push it directly through to Facebook and show all your friends what you have been getting up to without ever leaving the game.

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