The Sims Medieval custom content comes to The Sims 3


It doesn’t take long for Modders to work their magic – they have taken content from The Sims Medieval and converted them to files that The Sims 3 can use.  Duckeggpie pointed out that there are a number of sites offering this content – you can find some medieval hairstyles at The Sims Key as well as Anubis360’s blog and medieval converted objects over at Omega’s Sims 3 Stuff.  I’m sure there are plenty of other sites out there offering converted content – so feel free to leave comments linking to any new works!

BigCircleHair2 afHairAristocratLongBraid_1
Screenshot-33 Screenshot-28


  1. EAxis might want to consider very carefully before taking such actions—the only reason I went out and purchased The Sims Castaway Stories was because I had actually tried out the converted objects in TS2 beforehand.

  2. Considering that EA are already on shaky legal ground for 1) Re-introducing SecuROM in their recent releases without user consent, warning or knowledge, and 2) Maintaining an unhealthy silence whilst their favourite paysite, TSR continue to hack and vandalise free Sims fansites, they’d be unwise to claim any legal (or moral, but since when did EA ever exhibit morality?) high ground in this regard.

  3. Hehe, love the idea of aachronisms in medieval, especially even just porting over some of the Steampunk furniture… it’s a fantasy kingdom, right? And all fantasy worth its magic salt has steampunk tints nowadays.

    This is great stuff though, thanks guys; been largely blase about Medieval so I had no idea there was such groovy hair therein!

  4. I’m not sure, but doesn’t this violate the end user license agreement, not to mention technically illegal? I don’t EA will like people being able to download content from one of their games for free that they don’t own, to using in another game.

  5. The medieval hair conversions over at sims key don’t seem to be working.

    Big shame since I really would have liked them in my game. 🙁

  6. I’m looking forward to some of those animations from TSM to be converted to TS3. I like the animations of the sims sweeping, scrubbing floors and pouring water in the tubs and using the chamber pots. Animations like those would sure compliment the atmosphere and environment in the Victorian world I created.


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