Sims Vicio – The Sims Medieval event in São Paulo


Another report from The Sims Medieval event in São Paulo, this time from Sims Vicio!

Soon after, the staff of Warner revealed a surprise to fans, displaying on a screen, some videos made by insiders disclosing their communities of The Sims and their web pages. I was quivering with happiness when I saw the video made by Sims Addiction, ran out the camera to take pictures and also filmed a clip from Medieval Sims who passed the screen.There also had the opportunity to play a bit of medieval sims, but it was the notebook, so it was half bad, so I only played a bit, I prefer to play on the computer using the mouse, but it was enough to trigger my heart Simmer very .

Then he had the “Quiz medieval” and the winner took a pack of Harry Potter 1-7 years, I was drooling for that Pack … We also had a simulation game, was also interesting, very cool to see several Simmers playing characters, and pretending they were a yes, and they were right! But the best was undoubtedly the Cosplay contest. There were many creative costumes, and medieval performances more creative still, I think it was difficult for jurors to have to choose just four winners. But all were deserved and worthy than they gained.

full article here!

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