Darkspore itself, the lore of it, the art style and the story all lend themselves very, very well to an MMO setting.  To have this wonderful, mystical world available to us where our leveling system is handled through loot drops and affixed by giving us additional horns or eyes or arms to throw on our creature to improve our strength, health, critical damaging rating, etc. would be awesome.  The higher the average of your attributes, the higher your level.  Open world PvP, and instanced MOBAs would fulfill the needs of the PvP crowd, and a rich story with off-beat and untraditional MMO quests would satisfy those PvEers.  Dive into crafting, or housing and adopt the traditional elements of the MMO into the mix and suddenly, a Darkspore MMO could be what a lot of players think might be missing from the games we play.  Then again, it would never satisfy those of us who play Rift, or WoW, to lure those players away   It wouldn’t have the cerebral challenge of games like EVE Online.  What it would have is a fantastic gameplay, mixed with a wondrous world that could encourage creativity amongst the player base like never before, and a character create that could put even the best in the business in a corner.

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