You know, come to think of it – while I do love the idea of what we’ll be getting for The Sims 3 Generations, various articles and previews make it seem like it just isn’t enough….that it is lacking in terms of much bigger content like pets or weather. In the following article from IGN, you can read about the basic things that will be featured in the newest expansion pack, but for the most part it’s pretty much what we’re already familiar with.

Teenage rebellion
Teens get new ways to act out with a suite of pranks they can pull, including doorbell ditch, setting flaming bags on neighbor porches, throwing eggs at houses, planting whoopie cushions, and putting dye in the shower head. They can also throw parties and attend school dances.

Your very own imaginary friend
Kids now have a much deeper pretending life, from new toys like the costume trunk and treehouse, to their very own imaginary friend, which no one else but that Sim can see.

But best to keep all of that pretending on the well-behaved side, because parents have a deeper punishment system available that allows for timeouts, groundings, or banishment of favorite toys.

Bachelor party mayhem
In addition to more elaborate weddings, brides- and grooms-to-be can have bachelor and bachelorette parties, which come complete with party dancers and/or very-special firemen or policemen.

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Shoutout to SnootySims for pointing this out via Twitter.